Where There is Smoke, is There Fire?

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Where there is Smoke, is there Fire | Youth Leadership | Vital Leadership

When the clock springs forward, we’re always reminded to change the battery in our home’s smoke detector. And when that fresh battery powers up, how about you ask yourself:

Are you burning with passion for what you do every day?


Are you creating a smokescreen of deception so no one sees the real you and, maybe, you never FIND the real you?  

  • What patterns of busyness do you need to eliminate that aren’t allowing you to fully engage?
  • What relationship needs some empathy and listening, rather than assumptions and anger?
  • Is the smoke of money and status holding you from finding the exit of this job to find the entrance to a career you feel passionate about and that fits your family needs/desires?
  • Are you standing outside of your life, on the sidewalk, smoking with others who aren’t willing to quit their bad habits either?

For Further Reflection:
Easter, and the resurrection of Jesus, is a time of reflection for Christ followers – a time to answer the question of: Are we honoring the plan God created for us when he sent his son Jesus to die and be resurrected in order to give us eternal life in heaven? In the book of Revelation, at the end of the bible, as the story concludes with God winning over evil, verse 15:8 says:

The Temple was filled with smoke from God’s glory and power.

Where there is smoke in your life, does it signify a burning passion, excellence, and moving toward all that you were created for OR a smokescreen behind which you are hiding?

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