Peak Performance in


  • Transitions
  • Career purpose
  • Work- and school-life integration
  • Mental toughness, resilience, grit
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  • Leaders and managers
  • Culture development
  • A thriving workforce
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  • Manage pressure
  • Perform with confidence
  • Learn resilience, grit, positivity
  • The college search
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We Develop Leaders On and Off the Field

Vital Leadership strives for all young adults to reach their peak performance in life and sports as they live a life of integrity and influence others positively along the way. We emphasize the vital behaviors necessary for mental toughness and personal leadership.

We specialize in leadership coaching for ages 12-25.


How to Achieve Peak Performance in Sports.
FOR ATHLETES seeking to master confidence, composure, focus, and their athletic performance. Many athletes have tremendous talent that never makes it to game day. Nerves. Fears. Irrational beliefs all stand in the athlete's way. Do you get in your own way and hinder your own success? Learn to stop letting pressure overpower you. Instead, manage and thrive under pressure to find the premier athlete in yourself, and become an even finer person, too. Learn from us how to master your mental game and let your best performance shine - every day.

Three Ways to Learn Athletic Leadership


Reach your peak performance with the help of a personal Mental Game Coach, who will listen to your experiences and challenges and help you develop the skills, habits and thoughts of a champion. Schedule your first session or a 20-minute Intro/Info call today.

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Play a team sport and want everyone to stay strong at crunch time? Or, play an individual sport but train with others who strive to master their mental game, too? Group sessions can provide great discussion opportunities and reduce the costs per person. Let us know when we can start helping your team or group reach their potential.

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You aren’t the first athlete to feel pressure, get distracted, lose motivation or find yourself feeling anxious, fearful or frustrated. Read the blog or explore our workbooks for insight and tools on leading yourself and others, mastering fear and overcoming challenges so that you can reach your peak performance in sports and life.



How to Thrive in Your Life, School and Work.
Leadership is NOT something you are born with. It is learned.

Becoming a strong leader includes:

  • Leading yourself
  • Knowing your strengths, values, and lesser strengths
  • Having confidence in who you are and where you are going because you understand and accept yourself and have a set direction
  • Relating well with others
  • Managing life well
  • Remaining confident during tough times

Most leadership courses are written for adults. Not ours.
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  • "We are well into the basketball season now and things are going very well! Our daughter has had zero issues with her mental game. Her communication with the coach is better than ever. She is starting and getting lots of playing time. She is having fun and enjoys the game so much more this year. You helped her learn to control how she feels after making a mistake and that has made all the difference with her. After working you, her dad and I learned that we needed to change our approach before games and evaluations after games. Those lessons have helped he and I enjoy the game so much more as well. Thank you so much for giving us the tools to enjoy our daughter and her sports for the next two years. We are all so grateful for your help! "

    - Jennifer, high school parent

  • "Vital Leadership has been an integral part of our son Bradley’s tennis development on and off the tennis court. Kim’s unique ability to understand the challenges of a youth athlete is simply outstanding. Bradley has been able to win matches and the mental game during the match because of Kim’s involvement."
    - David M., Parent of a nationally ranked tennis player heading to a NCAA Division I school
  • "Kim’s “been there” and brings that firsthand understanding of the pressures and opportunities that accompany high-level youth sports and related competition. My son has thoroughly enjoyed working with Kim and always comes away with practical ways he can apply her lessons and advice while competing. I’ve recommended Vital Leadership to friends and will continue to do so!"
    - Lisa, parent of 17-year old golfer
  • "The biggest thing I learned was process goals - they have helped me calm down. And about how to be more confident."
    -Kriti, 11-year old nationally ranked squash player
  • "Kim filled an instrumental and pivotal role in encouraging, strengthening and modeling strong leadership and teammate characteristics for our daughter. Although they have not worked together recently, Kim has stayed in touch and committed throughout my daughter's college career. She will be a friend and mentor for her for life."
    - Kristin, parent of Division I tennis player now age 22
  • Hi! I just wanted to check in. Since the last time I texted you, I have played with the exact same focus and intensity and short memory. I have been crushing it, including this weekend in Boston where I have already gotten a few emails from coaches a day later. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!"
    - Will, HS sophomore, lacrosse


We are Jack and Kim Bastable and we love to help people develop into successful leaders by teaching and modeling the vital behaviors necessary for meaningful, high performance lives. We played pro sports - baseball and tennis – and have raised a bunch of kids (six children with 8 grandchildren and counting) while running successful businesses. We have endless energy to inspire the next generation with our experience, education and foresight. Jack specializes in consulting with organization leaders and Kim focuses on teens, young adults and athletes of all ages.

Performance is stressful. Life is stressful. But, with systems, focus, coaching and inspiration, you, too, can find purpose, joy, wellbeing AND great accomplishments! Get in touch with us to get started.

  • Expert and thought leader in wellbeing, employee engagement and creating thriving corporate cultures as a business consultant for 35 years
  • Former pro baseball player with the Philadelphia Phillies and Oakland A’s
  • Dual-sport standout at Missouri – two-time all-conference catcher & record-setting kicker and running back on the football team
  • Certified in Mental Toughness and Leadership
  • 35 years experience helping young adults and athletes find the best within themselves to live thriving lives of performance and wellbeing
  • Faculty and Director of Professional Tennis Management, University of Florida College of Health and Human Performance
  • NCAA All-American, 2-time SEC Champion, Team Captain and MVP – University of Florida Women's tennis 1981-1984
  • Master's in Positive Coaching - Univ. of Missouri; certified in Leadership by Notre Dame Univ; certified Mental Toughness Specialist
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11