Fight off Mental Weakness with Exercise

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Fight Mental Weakness with Exercise | Vital Leadership

Lessons learned from giving mice cookies, swanky houses, and other things. Picture a swanky mouse house, fancy little igloo sleeping spaces, bright colors, nibble-able blocks, mirrors and seesaws. Then add food dusted with cinnamon and … Read More

Multi-tasking or Distracting

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Multi Tasking or Distracting | Athletic Leadership | Vital Leadership

What’s so fascinating about your feet? It’s amazing how ignoring others has become so in vogue and acceptable. Do you actually WANT poor posture, to ignore friends, to walk into cars, to miss opportunities, to … Read More


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Passion | Youth Leadership | Vital Leadership

 What are you passionate about? I remember when my friend Betty said she loved to ask that question at parties. She said it often stumped people. She said they squirmed, asked what she meant by … Read More

Humanity Needs You

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Volunteer | Youth Leadership | Vital Leadership

“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.
” — Winston Churchill Do you volunteer…that is, provide your time and energy for the benefit of others? How … Read More

Adventure or Fairy Tale

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Adventure or Fairy Tale | Youth Leadership | Vital Leadership

 “We like to think of life as a wonderful adventure that you need to train for to fully appreciate all of its beauty and opportunity.” – James O’Keefe, MD We all want our stories to be … Read More