10 Days to Toughness

Serious athletes should never leave their mental toughness to chance! This workbook can help you train your “toughness” muscle, so you know how to handle pressure, distraction and your own bad days.

It includes 10 lessons that are intended for competitive teens, college and professional athletes who want to know how to stay focused and stay positive when competition and pressure get tough. Use the lessons to keep mental toughness in the forefront of your mind. Prepare now and be aware of what to think about and what to do when you begin to feel scared, get angry or doubt your ability.


How to Develop Leadership & Performance in Your Life

This eBook is designed to help strengthen you and help you master SELF LEADERSHIP. It will help you define a purpose and direction for yourself and to understand what motivates and inspires you.

Vital Leadership’s Life Leadership Curriculum is a 3-part study covering life balance, personal leadership, relational intelligence and the dynamics of working with and leading others. Science-based but easy to understand and apply, this Life Leadership program will help you find answers within yourself to DESIGN your own life and your own direction.