How to Accomplish Your Goal Every Time

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Achieving Your Goals | Life Leadership | Vital Leadership

How to Achieve Any Goal.

We set them every day: Goals.
Sometimes, they are simple, like “getting to work by 8:00.”
Sometimes, they are more complex, like “finding a career that really matters.”

Whatever your goal is, the most important part of any goal is not what it is, but how you will accomplish it. We don’t wake up one day and find that we magically lost ten pounds overnight just by thinking it. Nope. We have to come up with steps to get there.

So think about it. What is your goal for today, this week, this month, this year, or even 5 years?

Are you taking the necessary steps to get there? Are you taking ANY steps to get there?

If not, what is holding you back?

Maybe your goal isn’t really as meaningful as you thought. In other words, you WANT to lose 10 pounds but you really don’t have huge amounts of sorrow or embarrassment if you don’t.

Or you WANT to get that certification that will mean a pay raise, but you can’t seem to take even the first steps.
Accomplishing Goals | Life Leadership | Vital Leadership
Follow these steps to accomplish any goal:

  1. WRITE IT DOWN – Writing it down establishes your first level of commitment to the goal.
  2. BE ACCOUNTABLE – Tell someone about the goal. Tell someone that is not only going to encourage your goal but also to remind you about it. When we ask someone to help us stick to our goal, we are far more likely to actually get it done.
  3. MAKE SURE IT’S MEASURABLE AND REASONABLE–If you say you want to “stop eating ice cream,” then give yourself a time frame instead of “forever.” Forever is a VERY long time. Start with quitting your “ice-cream-every-night habit” for a week. Yes. Just 7 days. THATwould be a good START!
  4. ADD SOME FINANCIAL INCENTIVE – The final layer of commitment is determining what your goal is going to cost you. Studies show that when we have “some skin in the game,” we are more likely to finish what we set out to accomplish. Cost could even mean something backwards, such as, “if I don’t reach my goal, I will make a donation to a charity that stands for a cause I can’t stand.” You can even go so far as to give the $ to your friend and grant them permission to donate it if you fail.

Ouch! Now THAT cost might motivate you!

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