Navigating Boundaries

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Navigating Boundaries | Vital Leadership

When you are faced with a challenge, how often do you say “no” to assistance from others because you want to handle the situation by yourself?

I was brought face-to-face with my answer to this question in a recent team-building challenge course.

On one of the obstacles, we were blindfolded and asked to navigate a rope with our hands to find the exit. The only instruction we were given was that we would know the exit when we found it.

I maintained contact with one or two others as we made our way in circles around the rope course. Every few minutes, we would run into another group only to turn around and run back into them again. Our tour guides for the day were making their way through the course and would ask us, periodically, if we needed help.

Me? Need help? No, we have each other, I thought, as I declined their help.

One-by-one the voices of my fellow leaders trickled out, and I was left alone to navigate the course. How could everyone else find their way out but not me? The voice of one of the tour guides came back into my ear and asked if I needed help. In a fit of frustration, I replied “yes”, even still with hesitation.

With that, they removed my blindfold and told me I could now exit the maze. That’s it?All I had to do was accept help?

What a lesson THAT was. I realized how strongly independent I am. I will look for help from those on my team, whom I trust and believe in, but the outside world – nope, don’t need THAT!

I learned that, sometimes, the resources we need are not only outside of ourselves but even outside of our groups.

Everyone has boundaries, some are healthy and some are not.

Understanding them is a life-long process
Written by: Bethany Frazier, Vital Leadership’s Marketing and Tech Specialist