Fear? Zip it.

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Conquering Fear | Mental Toughness | Vital Leadership

I had a lesson in fear the other day. And it was not at all the lesson I would have expected. While I would never classify myself as a daredevil, I’m not a chicken either … Read More

Are you believing lies?

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Life Leadership Lessons | Vital Leadership

We never know what impacts us until we unpack it. How much have we allowed a simple question to cause us concern? Or a simple answer – or LACK of an answer to hurt us? … Read More

100 years of Mother’s Days.

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Mother's Day | Leadership Lessons | Vital Leadership

“A day for sentiment and not profit.” No chocolates, big bouquets and elaborate gifts necessary. Just love and thankfulness.” According to U. S. history, Mother’s Day was first advocated by Anna Jarvis to honor her … Read More


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Christmas | Vital Leadership

I wanted to ask people “of history and experience” what did Christmas mean to them. What did the “spirit” of Christmas demand? Specifically, is it:  A time for gifting?…A One-horse open sleigh?…. Jingle bells?…Lighting Christmas … Read More